Our $99 Motive Service Special increases your battery Return on Investment!

New Patented TECHNOLOGY!!

About Us

Technical Experience

We are the world's largest producer of Commercial Grade Battery Desulfation Systems, with the fastest and most effective results!  Scientifically proven, we restore or continuously maintain the Highest Possible Battery Performance for our clients!  

Fleet-Tune and BattRecon Systems have been in the field for over ten years and are located in 45 countries with over 1,100 machines built and deployed to date!  Our systems have successfully improved hundreds of thousands of batteries world-wide by the single application of one 5-Minute BattRecon Process!

Our engineering staff has experience in spacecraft, missile and aerospace engineering, full motion flight simulation, cloud based operational systems and advanced battery diagnostics and prognostication! 

Our Cloud Based Systems remotely flash instructions to the machine,  using the internet to transmit automated battery servicing commands in one direction, while transferring collected battery data to the BattRecon Cloud in the other direction.  BattRecon is the World's Only System to "SCAN-COMMAND and CONTROL" the battery servicing functions and battery metric data in a bi-directional means, between the  device located in Your Warehouse and the BattRecon Cloud!  Using a single point battery connection, the Cloud Based Service will automatically sequence the connection between the battery and your charger, the Internal BattRecon desulfation Module, and the internal BattRecon Discharge System Module.  This "AUTO-SEQUENCING PROCESS" eliminates the service technician from having to move the battery between separate servicing devices.  Using your Smart Phone, computer or other internet connected devices, you can remotely SCAN the battery's performance metrics, select Auto Sequence COMMANDS from a cloud based menu, and CONTROL or simply observe the battery's service and restoration process, at Anytime, from Anywhere in the World! 

The Battery Shop is now in your Warehouse, eliminating battery transportation, traditional service labor, battery rentals or loaners.

With our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Module, your Warehouse Based Battery Service now applies a self learning algorithm to each battery service to deliver the "strength and experience" of a World-Wide database of like kind batteries, considering your local operating environment, that no technician can match!

Many of our systems use a low power consumption 120 VAC electrical system, at less than 10 amps.  Our 

 latest designs use the battery's own energy to create the powerful Pulse Width Modulated Signal that performs the restoration and optimization process.  No more clumsy AC Power cords needed to optimize a battery in your facility. 

Fleet-Tune is a Cash Positive - Green Project!

The Fleet-Tune Process provides you with a greater energy output using approximately 25% less daily re-charging electricity, allows you to discontinue wasteful - weekly equalization charging, eliminates "Acid Adjusting" of the battery cells, provides more useful energy per battery charge, REDUCES or ELIMINATES SERVICE LABOR and normally increases the battery life about 2 or 3 years!  

BattRecon is a truly Cash Positive - GREEN Project, reducing energy consumption during each daily recharging of the battery, while providing more net working energy per charge than any other system in the world!  Using less than 1 penny of electricity during our 5-Minute process, BattRecon and Fleet-Tune maximizes your battery run-time per charge!

The World's Fastest Battery Restoration!

The Fleet-Tune and BattRecon Processes are so thorough that only one 5-Minute process will exceed your current battery service provider's performance results!  

We challenge the performance results from conventional battery service providers and prove we provide a better service result, or you don't pay! 

Take the BattRecon Challenge!  Let us perform a Before and After test on your batteries that have been serviced by your current service provider. You will be amazed at how much we increase the run-time per charge of your battery, with one simple 5-Minute process!  Why use a battery service that does not deliver the greatest battery performance per charge?

Artifical Intelligence

Advanced Battery Diagnosotics

Our newest Fleet-Tune and BattRecon Cloud Based Servicing System have a Patent Pending Battery Diagnostics process that evaluates the battery's condition in about 30 seconds.  It then applies a series of "Stress Tests" to the battery, that allows the device to "self learn" the battery's characteristics and modify the applied process.  The resultant data is considered a "Spectrum Analysis" of the battery's performance capability.  

World Class Battery Prognostication

BattRecon's advanced Artificial Intelligence Module also has a separate Patent Pending Battery Life Remaining Algorithm, that compares the Advanced Battery Diagnostics Stress Tests to environmental and other operational factors, formulating a BHI Index.  The BHI factor allows the operator to more closely predict the remaining battery serviceability within the battery's operational environment.  

Artifical Intelligence Reduces or Eliminates Service Labor

The highest cost of motive battery operation is service labor, which often suffers from a lack of trained service personnel.  BattRecon's A.I. Module provides consistent and concise battery diagnostics and a life remaining prognosis, un-matched by human operators.  While a human battery service technician relies on skill, the BattRecon A.I. Module uses battery stress test data, battery metric comparison to a world-wide database, and applies our proprietary  Qualitative Analysis process to more accurately restore, or continuously maintain the battery's peak performance!  


Both the BattRecon and Fleet-Tune product lines are proudly Made In America!  

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Southern California, our systems are constructed using the finest possible components and workmanship.

BattRecon and Fleet-Tune service offerings create hundreds of American Jobs, while making American Industry more productive!

Our technology saves energy, reduces battery operational costs and reduces the operator's carbon footprint!

As a Veteran Owned - Christian Based Company, we support American Values, our American Military and the Freedoms they protect, and we participate heavily in our local community!